Landward Appraisal

Landward Appraisal Limited (LAL) is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Landward Management Limited. Landward Management Limited, established in 1999, is a privately owned company, based in Dunedin which holds a number of Crown contracts in;

  • Land Tenure Review – Implementation (LINZ)
  • Application for Consents (LINZ)
  • Property Inspection (LINZ)

Arbitration and Mediation (Transit);
Compensation Assessment (Transit);

In addition it has completed a substantial property risk assessment project for the Crown. LAL is rapidly establishing itself as a leading provider of compensation assessment, arbitration and mediation services. It has a client base encompassing both the private and public sector.

This client base includes a number of offshore investors, private corporate interests, private investors, energy generators and legal firms.

LAL has accumulated considerable knowledge based around rural easement issues, general access issues and environmentally and economically sustainable development modelling for rural properties.

Skills available
LAL was established in 2006 to meet an increasing demand for specialist services to the high end rural and corporate market and also to local and central government services. The fields in which it operates are:

  • Easement and access analysis and appraisal;
  • Concession analysis, appraisal and negotiation;
  • Compensation analysis, appraisal and negotiation;
  • Rural land economic and ecological sustainability;
  • Project coordination and management;
  • Tender letting and assessment contract management;
  • Compensation matters;
  • Mediation;
  • Arbitration;
  • Property risk assessment;
  • Business analysis and appraisal;

LAL has developed a significant private and corporate client base for its appraisal, mediation services.


Case No1 – What Price Access?
Valuation of access easements – Effect of varying easement conditions.

The client owned land across which a second party wished to place an access and management easement.

The proposed conditions were such that the settlement offer was not sufficient to secure the clients
acceptance of the arrangement. Amended conditions were drafted which were acceptable to the client.

From this “counter offer” LAL was able to negotiate and recommend a new arrangement, suitable to both parties, which contained some amended conditions and an adjusted monetary consideration.

The above outcome resulted from the combination of expertise;

  • knowledge of land and risk management and how the conditions of easement could impact on the property, and;
  • where the level of monetary consideration should lie with respect to the value of the entire property given ongoing management considerations and the risk profile

Core Team/ Team Profile
LAL retains a multi-disciplinary core team and utilises, where required, an extensive and national network of dedicated consultants. The core team comprises individuals with extensive experience, training and education in;

  • Accounting;
  • Finance;
  • Economics;
  • Engineering;
  • Ecology;
  • Project Management;
  • Risk Management;
  • Arbitration;
  • Mediation;
  • Agricultural Contracting;
  • Land Tenure;
  • Geographic Information Systems;
  • Farm Mapping;

The appraisal team consists of a core group of individuals with a diverse and unique skill mix applicable to appraisal analysis. This team approach is driven by what LAL considers to be an increasing need for diverse professional inputs into appraisal investigation and analysis.

The LAL team is managed by Ray Macleod. Ray holds a BCom in Economics and a NZCE(Civil). His expertise in the field of project management, easement compensation negotiations, Public works Act, land economics and engineering.

Specialist staff with acknowledged skills in the fields noted. In particular Graeme Franklyn has an MSc(ecology). He has considerable biosecurity management and project management experience and has particular interest in water quality and water rights matters.

His knowledge is used for the assessment of the effects of land development on the environment.

Case No2 – Marginal Strips and Legal Access
Compensation assessment for the effect of the creation of marginal strips upon;

  • legal access;
  • current property management;
  • limitations upon future use;
  • loss of quiet enjoyment and amenity;

This particular project underlines the potential for public access to impact upon rural property values. The demand for public access is increasing and with it the need to appreciate and manage the pressures and issues and acceptance that there are very real cost and value implications, in some cases, to affected land occupiers. These are able to be recognised and compensated for.

Case No3 – The Pioneer Mountain Bike Race

  • Geographic Information Systems;

Landward have undertaken work for Lagardere Unlimited Oceania Limited with their planning of the Pioneer MTB Challenge. This involved a 7 stage mountain bike race from Christchurch to Queenstown. The provision of up to date mapping/land ownership records/key information regarding site locations etc. assisted Lagardere in their successful launch of this key event.

The Lagardere team were a pleasure to work with and we are proud to have participated in the behind the scenes groundwork involved in the world of Sports Events.


All cases have utilised the core team skills in ascertaining the effect of external values and influences on the properties involved. For example;

  • in Case 1 a critical analysis of the easement conditions identified the risk factors the land occupier was exposed to. It then quantified these risks, in monetary terms, to the extent that the risk was mitigated and the financial implications of such risk neutralised through appropriate compensatory payments.
  • in Case 2 the effect upon property management and potential constraints of future development were analysed together with the loss of amenity and quiet enjoyment. This was completed using the combined expertise valuation, property management and risk assessment staff. Again these effects were quantified by the assessment of possible changes in operational costs and revenue level and ultimately property value.


  • LAL has mediation and arbitration experience that is focussed upon land issues in general and Public Works Act matters in particular.
  • LAL is pleased to offer these skills to organisations and individuals that require additional professional input to resolve land and environmentally based issues.